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Tsueh Scrittore

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Leave your sanity behind the door.

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Personal entries and anything NC-17 from the fandom shall be locked.

We have similar interests?
You don't mind my idiosyncrasies?
We've talked before?
You want my porn fics.

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Note (2011-4-16) :: Links above are under construction. sobs;;
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Tsueh Scrittore

Fandom: Nurarihyon no Mago
Disclaimer: Shibashii-sensei and Shueisha SHOUNEN JUMP are the rightful owners of this franchise.
Pairing: Itaku x Kubinashi
Theme Set: Gamma

Rating: PG15
Warnings: Implied sex, at the very least. Possible OOC-ness, I think.
Author's Notes: The themes aren't numerical order for the sake of some misshapen continuity. Also, I am a failure and a cheat, since some themes don't exactly have just.. one sentence. Sobs.

50 - 50 chance this thing has the 50 themes but not exactly 50 sentencesヾ(´□`* )ノ~Collapse )

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Tsueh Scrittore
Rating: PG13 (...this can be Gen, really.)
Fandom: Reborn!
Disclaimer: It so obviously does not belong to me.
Prompt: khrfest  Round 5.I.1. Cozart/Giotto - "it's been a long, long time."
Warnings: Aside from the usual homosexual undercurrent and how blatant it is for something that could also be interpreted as a very intimate friendship, this is a mix of angst and fluff. ...At least, I think it is. The non-canon compliance, which is becoming more and more frequent, and they're a bit out of character, too. ...Probably. Mileage may vary, I guess?
Summary: A moment of reconciliation: Cozart had always been the stronger of the two, in the end.

Note: Shut up, canon. Cozart died. :| gdmit Amano  .....Plot was planned pre-326, so. sobs;;orz;
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Tsueh Scrittore
Definitions of D.Spade ::
» ( n. ) a gardening tool used to remove or dig up the earth
» ( n. ) a reference to marked intelligence
» ( n. ) a harbinger of ill fortune and death
» ( n. ) a very attractive young woman
» ( adj. ) an expression of bliss 
» ( adj. ) a very satisfying endeavor
» ( v. ) to make conversation with the intent of seduction





It is simply the fact that my prompts
                                                     with you, khrfest ,
involve this bastard.
                    One way or another.

                                           It's really my fault, but then again~

                                                        Stop messing with my head,

Or I could just use some more sleep.....................................................
I need to finish my fills. sobs;;;

Why, yes, I am just trolling.
                 Well, my muses are trolling.
           And I am procrastinating.
    Uhuhuhuhuu OTL;;;;
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Tsueh Scrittore
So late for Christmas and it's already past New Year, but the deadline's today so HAH! /o/ Anyways, AsaKiku 2010 Christmas Exchange~ first time joining and I'm minutes away from failing. I'm awesome like that.  Come to think of it, this is also the first time I'm posting a fanfic for Hetalia. Hee~

Lastly, I'm so stealing this clichéd story title. orz;

- highschool AU (they can be either students or teachers or both) Japan, Black Japan and England
- wise, albeit fluffy old man talk on a warm peaceful night

Rating: PG13
Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers
Summary: He watches him and the other, and them together, and it is poetry.

Arthur------------Collapse )
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Tsueh Scrittore
09 November 2010 @ 01:44 pm
Rating: PG15
Fandom: Reborn!
Promptkhrfest Round 4. II. 3. Reborn/Fon - perception; "Perception is reality."
Warnings: Er. Possible OOC? Language fail, certainly. Clichéd in its Five-Senses-Theme.
Summary: The truth is only as mighty as it is generous, and generous it is in variety.
Reborn knew Fon to be false and Fon thought Reborn mistaken, but neither were truths for they had their own. Collapse )
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Tsueh Scrittore
08 November 2010 @ 06:56 pm
Rating: Gen
Fandom: Reborn!
Promptkhrfest Round 4. Reborn/Luce - lie; "It was only a kiss."
Warning: ....this kind of thing really isn't my turf, so.
Summary: There was just something so beautiful about them together.

They fit together so perfectly, and yet they could never be. It was truly very silly.Collapse )
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Tsueh Scrittore
08 November 2010 @ 12:56 pm
Guess how many work-in-progress fanfictions I have made private in this journal.

No, really.

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